Nothing is by chance you have come to this website for a reason. If you are on a path of Spiritual Self Discovery this is a step on your journey. We are all here to help each other whether it is by recommending a book, course, teacher, sharing learning experiences or just being a good friend. This website will be useful to all who want to further their personal development. There are links to Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Development, Mediumship, Classes, Energy Clearance Sprays, Books, CD, Lectures, and Workshops. Sharry Clark has been a Medium and teacher since 1993 and is a Tutor and Consultant at the College of Psychic Studies. She is currently a senior tutor on the College Integrated Healing Diploma Course. She is a healer member of The Healing Trust, Reiki Practitioner and has taught healing courses and workshops at Morley College in Westminster and the Spiritualist Assocs of G B. Sharry is a registered Yoga teacher with F.R.Y.O.G. she holds a variety of workshops and courses in London and Dorset. 

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Sharry is also a theatrical agent her agency is called Sharry Clark Artists.

Sharry now offers Personal Development or Psychic Development; either by one-to-one courses or individual sessions by Skype. For students interested in further development, please contact Sharry direct on: