Inner Peace Meditations CD

Sharry's CD Inner Peace Meditations is now available. These are Guided Meditations which help to calm and still the mind in order to deal with life in more relaxed and calm way.There are four Meditations. The first is Yoga Nidra which means sleep with a trace of awareness.It helps to focus the mind on the body and achieve a mind/body connection. It gives us a better understanding and sensitivity to what is happening with our body in order to understand dis ease and work towards finding out how we can help ourselves to heal. 

In The Crystal Room we experience the refined energy of a Crystal Temple which takes you into the refined energy of a crystal, which will help to bring you closer to and communicate with loved ones in spirit, your higher self, spirit guides and guardians.

The Healing Garden is a place to relax, unwind and be at one with your thoughts. No one can distract or disturb you.You feel close to nature and connect with your chakra system through the use of colour and flowers.

The Cleansing Meditation is a refreshing, cleansing journey through nature which will encourage your Guardian Angel to draw close.

When listening to these Meditations take as long as you need to pause and reflect.   

Inner Peace Meditations is available as a download via iTunes and Amazon. Copies can be purchased by request from