No 1 Silver Mist

Would you like to refresh your work space or therapy room between clients or students? Silver Mist Energy Clearance Spray can be used in therapy rooms, workshops and classrooms. It can also be used for Aura Cleansing and general use around your own personal space and the home.



No 2 Ground and Balance

Will help with grounding and balancing issues. If you feel slightly out of your body or have not come back from a Meditation spray around your Aura and it will help you feel centered and grounded.



No 3 Heart Chakra Mist

Imbues the energy of the Heart Chakra. If you feel you have any issues with this Chakra use the spray during Meditation and in the bedroom before going to sleep.



No 4 Protection Mist

For all protection issues.

These mists are Aura/Room sprays and have been infused with Reiki Energy.They contain water (Aqua), alcohol and 100% essential oils mix.Please keep away from your eyes and do not ingest.

They cost £10.00 for each 100ml spray bottle with the exception of the Heart Chakra Mist which is £12.00. Plus £3.00 p&p. To place an order, email Sharry Clark at sharry.clark.sc@googlemail.com.